June 15, 2019

Kelsey+Scott | Ramekins Sonoma Wedding


I’m the family photographer now! I photographed the bride’s sister Crystal’s wedding too, and got to not only see Crystal and her hubby again, but also see their little kiddo too. xo xo

Ramekins is simply a lovely location for a wedding day, through and through – gorgeous gardens, pretty architecture, and lots of perfect portrait backdrops, all on a property that’s easy, convenient, and comfortable.

Ramekins = amazing food too!

The happiness radiating from this Kelsey & Scott that they have found each other – it’s palpable and infectious. I truly felt honored to be the person lucky enough to capture that happiness for them.

Happy wedding day, K + S! #sincerelythesuttons


Ramekins \ Chaz Crosier Events \ Hen House Salon \ Florals by Scott’s Mom \ DJ Aurelio Delgado \ Pushkins Bakery \ 2nd photographer: JPP Associate Alicia


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