There’s something about the true happiness of weddings that I just can’t get enough of.  It’s that feeling that made me choose to be a wedding photographer, and that keeps me coming back for more every year. 

My style is relaxed, fresh, bright, and natural. My belief is that your happiness on your wedding day is more important than anything else, and I'll work tirelessly to ensure that you are. When it's all over, I want you to see your images and say "this is my wedding, exactly as I imaged it."

Hi, I'm Jen.

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my approach

About me

I live for

My two kiddos - Anna, 24, and Lydia, 20 - are everything to me. They are constantly a wonder, each with their own views of the world, their own dreams, challenges, and styles. Raising these two incredible people has been rewarding, humbling, and truly like nothing else life could have given me. Now, they are both pursuing the next chapters of their own lives, and my husband and I can't wait to see what they do. 

these kids


I live for

Christian is my best friend, my partner in life, and has been for over 26 years. He gets me. He supports me. He is gentle, smart, funny, and strong. At every wedding I photograph, I think about him, our wedding, and the years we've lived since. A wedding is the beginning of a wonderful story, and oh how that story unfolds. 

this man


I live for

I have never in my life lived without animals. Even in college, I had fish and tiny frogs, and in graduate school I cared for a dozen dolphins as part of my bioacoustics research (my past life - don't we all have one?) I'm in awe of the wonder of nature and all its diversity, and as a scientist I found out that we really only know the start of it. I wouldn't live without my pets. They can be a mess, but they are unqualified love. Yep, even the cats. ;-) 

crazy critters


I live for

I am not an adrenaline junkie. The ocean is my fresh air, but you can keep surfing the crashing waves for yourself. I like gentle sails, peaceful kayaks, quiet appreciation of the glimpses of life that peek up from the depths. Whales are fantastic to me. Sea birds, sea lions, sea critters in general. And after the exploration, I'm a connoisseur of the good nap. Ahhhhh. 

gentle sails 
and good naps

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Working with me for your wedding

Boutique-style customization: From our first conversation to delivery of your images, your experience will be customized - to you, your wedding, and your plans.

Concierge with a camera: If you need it, all you need is to ask. From help choosing vendors, to a glass of water during portraits, just say the word.

The face of calm: Weddings can be crazy, as much as they are wonderful! But your job at all times is to enjoy your day. We will help to ensure that you do.

Plan A + Plan B: Flexibility is the rule, and even if well made plans have to change, your wedding’s important moments will be our focus.

And beautiful photos too: I promise that when you first see your wedding gallery, the memories of your day will come flooding back and you'll fall in love all over again.






To me, your happiness on your wedding day is key. And after 17 years and more than 300 weddings, I've worked out how best to ensure it.

what can you expect from working with me?

"This is your wedding, THE WAY you imagined it..."

customized, uncompromised, concierge-level service

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and receive more details on my process
from booking to wedding day and beyond.

After many years as a 'one-woman-shop', I made the change to adding associate wedding coverage by my long-time partner in weddings, Jenna, and I couldn't be more happy that I did. Associate coverage allows me to offer more options to more couples, availability when I am booked, coverage when my pricing is outside of a budget. Without compromising style and quality, associate coverage gives some couples the best of both worlds.

If I am already booked for your date, or your budget is making demands on you, my associate photography option might be just right for you. Click to learn the details.

More availability, more beautiful images,
and more options for a budget.

Before the wedding:  You are a Jen Philips Photography couple, which means you receive the same full, uncompromising service as all couples. I work directly with you and your associate to plan timeline, meetings, and whatever else is needed.




how associate coverage works

At the wedding:  Your associate will be your photographer for your engagement session and wedding, along with a 2nd photographer for full weddings. I trust her to be there for you like I would be.

After the wedding:  Your images are edited in the same way as all JPP images, and I personally finalize each and every image myself. 

I've been so fortunate to have worked with Jenna for more than a decade, first when she was a newer photographer, then as a trusted second photographer, and now as a full associate for my studio. She knows my style for weddings because we've developed it together, and is genuinely the kindest person you can imagine. She is a wife, a mom (to 4 amazing kiddos), and has her own photography business too. She is my right-hand, and I'd trust any of my couples to her care. 



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" Jen is incredible at what she does! We cannot recommend her enough."

- Melissa + Matt
Barn Diva, Healdsburg

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It's true! I photograph weddings AND events and I adore both. Because capturing the natural energy and emotion of your event is what I love most.

wedding & event photography by Jen