April 28, 2019

Hannah+Soaman | Carneros Resort Wedding

In one whirlwind weekend last week, my team and I photographed THREE weddings! That’s three full days of happy, celebratory, crazy love, and seriously I could not be more honored to constantly get to do this for my job. There’s so much about weddings that I adore, not the least of which is the positive energy that radiates from each and every person involved in them. So when a crazy weekend comes along occasionally when I have two weddings back to back, and my associates are shooting for me too, and we’re exhausted and completely beat by Monday, I don’t mind at all. What other job is there that let’s me participate in all-out celebration and optimism on a daily basis?

So I’m back at my wedding blogging – yay! – and can’t wait to share each and every one of these fabulous days. Plus, I have a gorgeous wedding day from March to share, photographed by my wonderful associate Jenna, so stayed tuned!



Hannah & Soaman’s Carneros Resort Wedding:


H & S are both resident physicians (aka BUSY!) so Hannah’s dad stepped in to help. Did he know what he was doing? Not really, why would he? But that didn’t stop him from wanting to help his daughter – it’s what parents do, and I love that.

See the look these two have for each other? That “you’re my person and I’m most comfortable when I’m with you” look? That should be #relationshipgoals for all.

Simplicity was key at H & S’s wedding because basically they just wanted to eat and drink and be ‘married’ (yes, I did that) surrounded by their loved ones. So Jennifer Stone of La Grande Fete pulled together an elegant event that checked the boxes, then got straight to what really mattered to her clients. A+ job!!

The dancing, the band, the celebration, did I mention the band?? The Straytones, acoustic dance band – so, so fun.

Happy wedding day, H + S!


Carneros Resort \ La Grande Fete \ Julie Stevens Design \ The Powder Room \ The Straytones Band \ Pure Luxury Transportation


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