July 26, 2017

Cindy+Lydia | Jen Philips Associates Same-Sex Wedding

“We never dreamed in a million years there would be marriage equality in our lifetimes.”

Cindy wrote this to me when we first booked her and Lydia’s wedding date, and it made such an impression on me. Marriage equality is still so new in our society, still so shocking that it was finally achieved. One day, I imagine it won’t even be something to comment on, we won’t feel the need to tag a post with #marriageequality and #loveislove, and we’ll be on to correcting the next wrong. But for now, I for one am filled with warmth thinking about these two women, who after 60 years in life can finally marry their love like anyone else. The pendulum may swing and two steps forward may be partially reversed by one step back, but on the whole the world moves forward. So now, can we just be happy for these two people and say: Congratulations Cindy & Lydia! Your wedding was beautiful and filled with love.

This wedding was photographed by the talented Jenna, a Jen Philips Associate Photographer, with assistance from 2nd photographer Sakhon. For more information on Jen Philips Associates, email us anytime!

Stone Tree Golf Club | Rev. Jane Spahr | Vanda Floral | Boutique Wedding DJs – Joshua | Sift (cake/cupcakes) | My Streaming Wedding


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