July 19, 2017

Heather+Chris | V. Sattui Winery Wedding

It’s been a busy few weeks and I couldn’t be more honored. Being ‘busy’ as a wedding photographer has special meaning behind it: that so many couples have chosen me to be a part of a most important day in their lives – to capture the moments of their day in a way that matches (or exceeds!) the dream that they have imagined and experienced (no pressure there!) But no couple is ‘one of many’ for me. Each wedding is special, unique, and completely separate from the others, precisely because of the couple themselves. At everyone wedding I photograph, I take a step back and remember: this is someone’s wedding day! An important day, a dream day, a day that will be a milestone, a memory, the day it all began.

And so here we are with the wonderful Heather and her beau Chris. Finding one another after living a chapter or two of life already, they knew what they wanted and found it in each other. They match so well by being both compliments for each other, as well as balancing sides of a coin it seems. So to launch their life together they planned a destination wedding that was gorgeous and elegant (amazing, Carli Rose Events!), special and meaningful in it’s family involvement and religious ceremony, all at the completely beautiful setting of V. Sattui Winery. My 2nd Kendal and I had a wonderful time photographing their day, and didn’t want to leave early when our time was up.

I’ve gone on long enough, so on to the ‘sneak peek’! Enjoy, and CONGRATULATIONS H+C!

A few favorites things…

Heather’s beautiful, elegant gown, especially the unique bow closure piece on the back – stunning!
Lush, bold linens – from bright magenta on the cocktail tables to rich sparkle on the dining tables
Sweetness and family love in everyone
The heel detail on those bridal shoes!
Chris with his daughters 🙂

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And thank you so much to Kendal for wonderful work as my 2nd photographer for the day!


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