October 23, 2016

Allison+Ricky | Charles Krug Winery Wedding

When autumn begins, and the leaves start falling, I always get a little excited about the florals I’ll see at the weddings I have coming up. I LOVE autumn! So, Allison and Ricky’s autumn wedding at Napa Valley’s Charles Krug Winery, with designs by Valley Flora, and overall wedding styling by La Grande Fete, promised to be perfection. And it didn’t disappoint. Ahhhhhh. Then add to this gorgeous wedding two very darling people, with a this sweet and light-hearted demeanor about them, and many friends with long and memorable shared histories, and suddenly you have a party. A beautiful party. And once Wonderbread 5 took over the night, both Allison and Ricky eventually threw themselves off the stage, rocker-style, into the arms of those same friends, and crowd-surfed “into the sunset”. I am SO glad I was still there for that! 🙂 Happy wedding day, A & R!!

My favorites things…

Autumn-styled florals by Valley Flora – perfection.
Allison’s Badgley Mishka wedges – so gorgeous, and so smart for a lawn ceremony.
A wonderful, personalized ceremony officiated by their friend Pete, who remembers them before they became a ‘them’.
Golden accents on the tables, with elegant black, white & charcoal grays for the wedding party – lovely.
Crowd surfing – rocker-style!

Charles Krug Winery | La Grande Fete – Jennifer Stone | Katie Shy Hair & Makeup | Pure Skin Spa | Valley Flora | Tre Posti Catering | Wine Country Confections | Synchronicity Strings | Wonderbread 5 | Inventive Films | Miss Dee Designs Signage | Farmhouse | Bright Event Rentals
And Thank You to two helpers for the day – 2nd photographer Jenna Coughlan, and assistant Kendal Flatley!

01-wedding-rings-dress 02-wedding-shoes-badgleymischka-dressing 03-groom-gettingready-attire 04-bridegroom-firstlook-portraits 05-bridegroom-portrait-bouquet-fall-wedding 06-bride-groom-wedding-portraits 07-wedding-invitations-autumn-rings 08-wedding-ceremony-arbor-floral-fall 09-wedding-ceremony-charles_krug-redwoods 10-wedding-ceremony-bridesmaids-charles_krug 11-wedding-ceremony-kiss-charles_krug 12-vineyard-wedding-kiss-charles_krug 14-wedding-ceremony-kiss-charles_krug 15-charles_krug-winery-wedding-bride_groom-portraits 16-wedding-reception-flowers-fall 17-wedding-reception-flowers-fall 18-wedding-reception-fall-autumn-band 19-wedding-reception-charles_krug 20-wedding-reception-charles_krug 21-wedding-reception-charles_krug 22-wedding-reception-charles_krug 23-wedding-reception-charles_krug 24-wedding-reception-charles_krug-bride_groom

  1. Heather B says:

    HOLY MOLY! I love your work! it is BEAUTIFUL!

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