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October 20, 2019

A Sonoma Redwoods Ceremony | Claire+Meghan

While most couples searching for a wedding location choose Sonoma for it’s vineyards and wineries, for Claire & Meghan it was all about the redwoods. They were drawn to the majesty of our California Coastal giants – and why not? I think many of us living in the area forget that we are so lucky. 🙂

C & M found a quiet spot in one of Sonoma County’s gorgeous regional parks, requested the necessary permission, then arrived on the day with a casual, relaxed plan in mind. They each changed into their gowns secluded in the groves, separated from each other by a sheet held by their family while their moms helped them with zippers and clasps. (There was so much giggling!) The sheet then was removed so that they could have their first look, then they strolled to the tiny redwood theater while their nephew served as the tiniest bridesman around. Their rings were custom, designed by each for the other in secret, and their vows were genuine and unique. I cried so much. After it all, they drove to St Helena where they celebrated at Farmstead – lunch, gardens, and a gorgeous day all around.

Congratulations Claire & Meghan, for not only finding your one and marrying her this day, but for doing it all in a way that truly represented you.

Locations: Riverfront Regional Park and Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch



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