November 14, 2017

Nadia+Troy | Napa Valley Elopement

A little elopement love after weeks of fire news is definitely in order, I think! Nadia & Troy came to Brix in the heart of the Napa Valley to get married, and to see for themselves that the wine country is still here. The valley floor is untouched, wineries, vineyards, stores, restaurants, and homes are safe and just as wonderful as ever. And while recovery for those in the rural hillside areas will be hard, we can all take a page out of Nadia & Troy’s book and support those impacted by putting aside the images in the news and coming to the Napa Valley! Visit so that businesses stay strong, stay here so that workers keep their jobs, get married here and make memories so that the Valley continues to thrive. #NapaValleySpirit

Venue: Brix Napa Valley | Officiant: Kimberly Thompson, A Beautiful Ceremony Napa Valley | Florals: Joellen Pope | Hair: Whirlwind Blow Dry Lounge


  1. Catherine says:

    Very professional! Captured every moment of the couple’s special day.

  2. Jen says:

    Thank you Catherine!! xo Jen

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