changing your wedding plans:

Safety first

Update: 2/2021

rescheduling, downsizing, or cancelling


Even with 2020 finally behind us, uncertainty about the pandemic continues. If you're like many of my couples, you're likely struggling with navigating the ever-changing information, and facing the possibility of needing to postpone your wedding plans, possibly again. You might also be considering downsizing your plans to a 'micro-wedding', or even cancelling entirely. I can't imagine how frustrating this is for you, and for engaged couples all over. This information is updated to help inform you of my policies as you navigate through your options.

You are my couple, and I am here for you. - Jen

My first priority is the health and safety of not only myself and family, but you and yours as well. The 2020 season taught me that holding a wedding despite risk is simply not worth it, and my policy has been to follow all local gathering-size mandates, first and foremost. My heart aches for my couples going through this, and have made efforts to create flexible policies that help to make the process a little less difficult for you.

If you need to postpone (again?)

You might be considering postponing for the first time, or for the second or even third time, and you are not alone! If you are finding yourself forced to reschedule your wedding plans due to continued covid-19 mandates, I will immediately place your current photography contract and invoice on 'pause', and no further payments will be due until your new date is set.

Setting your new date

As you begin to coordinate with your venue for a new wedding date, please be sure to reach out to me too. This is pretty important because my available dates in 2021 are already limited. I do still have openings, though, and as long as we are in contact with each other, you'll have priority access to open dates over any new wedding inquiries I might receive. Once your new date is set, I will send a revised contract and your invoice will be adjusted if necessary. 

Downsizing options

Reducing the guest count of your wedding is a very popular option, and I say yes! I LOVE elopements and intimate weddings, and made changes to my policies to make this option easier for my couples. In most cases, you'll be able to reduce your booked coverage with no extra fees, and your retainer payment (and any additional payments) will be applied to your new contract

When cancellation is being considered

You might be considering cancelling your wedding plans entirely as a result of all of this, and I am SO sorry! I'm available for a downsized wedding if you're in the Northern CA area (see above), and I'm even available to travel to you. But if ultimately you decide to cancel, you have several options for your contract with my studio. Let's talk right away. This is a very tough time for us all, so please take care of yourselves and your families, and we'll work through this together.

Let's talk more

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Stay safe and healthy, everyone. As long as you have that, just think about the interesting story you'll have to tell your grandchildren one day!