June 24, 2018

Tracy+Ben | Carneros Resort Wedding

I’m so excited to bring you Tracy & Ben’s wedding at Carneros Resort today! They had one special request when they decided to plan a destination wedding from Texas to the Napa Valley – that all of their family, including the tiny ones, make it out to celebrate with them. Because that was the most important thing to them: family and friends. And they’re right. In the end, after the day is done, the memories of the day that you can share with everyone who experienced it with you is what you have forever. :-)

Carneros Resort \\ LVL Weddings & Events – Ashley Brand \\ Sherie Long Makeup & Hair \\  Julie Stevens Design \\ Boutique DJ’s – Josh Dukes \\ Standard Party Rentals \\ The Wedding Detailer \\ Daniel Gruen Films

And my 2nd photographer for the day: Kendal. Thanks, K!

Special moments that cannot be missed – mom and sis helping with the dress. But you don’t have to do everything yourself. Right after this, in stepped the expert skills of The Wedding Detailer to finish the job. I mean, there were a LOT of buttons!

T & B brought a little bit of Texas out to Napa with them in the form of these custom, initialed boots for the groom and his guys.


Silliness is key for a fun wedding day. My motto “have some fun!” and photos will be that much better because of it. :-)


Tracy has five nieces and nephews, from the big girl there (who was a big helper!) all the way down to two tiny babies, and each and every one made it to Napa for the big day. Can these two be any cuter?



Married! (Hint: hold your kiss for at least 3 seconds for the best photos, and stop to think about it – you just got married!)






They chanted ⬆, they horah’d ⬇….


…then they danced the night away. I never want to leave at the end of the night!


Congratulations, Tracy & Ben! xo

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