June 2, 2016

Your New Gallery Link

Sometimes the business of running a business can be crazy! This time, that crazy is under the name of ‘web hosting’ and ‘server names’ and ‘sub domains’. Sounds fun, right?

Well, because of this, all of my happy couples and clients now have a NEW GALLERY LINK for your images. On the technical side, things are set up to redirect your links, but in case this redirect does not work (for even more technical reasons!), here is where you can now find your images:

Password: love
Then, simply search for your name, and voila!

(Also, you can correct your link by typing ‘photos’ in the place of ‘clients’ in the URL line.)

Please feel free to email or call 707.815.8368 for help, anytime.

Thank you for your understanding! :-)

xo – Jen

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