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September 22, 2016

Bekka+Tim | Cornerstone Sonoma Wedding

Here are two people who truly enjoy each other, their family, and their friends, and who wanted a wedding day dedicated to doing just that. They each made sure to spend as much time as possible together, but also with the people they loved the most, and who they obviously just enjoy being with too. So their day was very literally filled with happiness and hilarity and natural, true family together-ness of the best kind. I’m pretty sure it shows in their photos too.

Things I really loved…

The sweet roses Tim sent Bekka on the morning of their wedding day.
Did I mention the laughter?
Tim’s suave blue tux, and his expression when seeing his bride walk down the aisle.
Dancing with a live band, and Tim’s dad taking over the singing for a few songs too!
Pockets in the girls’ dresses – a definite.
Bekka & Tim with each other – I could photograph these two all year. :)

Enjoy! Happy wedding day, Bekka & Tim!

Cornerstone Sonoma | Chaz Crosier CC Events | It’s a Date at The Powder Room | Wine Country Flowers | Park Avenue Catering | Crisp Bake Shop | Synchronicity Strings | Eric Symons Presents– All Star Juke Box | Bright Event Rentals | My 2nd photographer for the day – Jenna Coughlan

BekkaTim-01 BekkaTim-02 BekkaTim-03 BekkaTim-04 BekkaTim-05 BekkaTim-06 BekkaTim-07 BekkaTim-08 BekkaTim-09 BekkaTim-10 BekkaTim-11 BekkaTim-12 BekkaTim-13 BekkaTim-14 BekkaTim-15 BekkaTim-16 BekkaTim-17 BekkaTim-18 BekkaTim-19 BekkaTim-20 BekkaTim-21 BekkaTim-22 BekkaTim-23 BekkaTim-24 BekkaTim-25 BekkaTim-26 BekkaTim-27 BekkaTim-28 BekkaTim-29 BekkaTim-30 BekkaTim-31

  1. Anita Isaza

    October 2nd, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    Bekka and Tim were so fun to work with… I appreciate your posting all these gorgeous images! you are amazing! so great to work with you Jen! xo Anita @winecountryflowers

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