June 11, 2018

Amy+Ken | Gloria Ferrer Wedding

I’ll admit – wind has been my constant companion this wedding season. Some years are all about rain, some early hot days, and some are completely random. But this year it’s been wind! So when Amy & Ken’s wedding at Gloria Ferrer began, and a not-so-mild breeze kicked up, I wasn’t surprised. But I’ve learned this year that even a windy day is a gorgeous wedding day. Wind doesn’t disrupt a bride’s beauty, and as it turns out, wind is the perfect compliment for long gorgeous hair and a long gorgeous veil. Thank you very much, windy 2018 days! :-)

(Also see Amy & Ken’s engagement session.)

Gloria Ferrer Winery \\ Orchard Avenue Events \\ Vanda Floral \\ Elaine Bell Catering \\ Moustache Baked Goods \\ The Glamourist \\ Nor Cal Pro Sound \\ Encore Events Rentals \\  Ken Sipes – Media 59

My 2nd photographer today: JPP associate Jenna! Thank you as always, J!

Known for her hair (at least in part 😉), Amy wore it down and flowing. Easy looking, but it took the talents of The Glamourist to make it last through wind and the hustle and bustle of a long wedding day. Gorgeous!

A sweet touch – Amy’s accessories were all her ‘something borrowed’. She asked her friends to bring pieces of their jewelry collections that they’d be willing for her to wear.




Lovely touch: “our adventure begins” – on the reverse of their wedding program.


The bride and her new father-in-law fighting back tears after the groom’s heart-felt, personally-written vows.

Thank you wind! (No assistant was needed in the making of this image.)

Sometimes, sunset comes faster than hoped. The shadow of the nearby hill casts itself over the venue and our ‘golden hour’ window has closed. Nope! The solution is something I’ve started to call ‘sun chasing’. Into the car we load, and back into the sun we drive. Amy & Ken basked in the sunset glow in these images, thanks to our skilled driver and very good timing. 🌞



A choreographed dance  – and they nailed it.


And a smile from dad. Heart strings – pulled. xo


Congratulations, Amy & Ken!

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